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I had treated my woman to have sex with men, but said no. was in the pub with a friend and I showed him the pictures I had of women in sexy poses and nude. loved what I saw and said he thought I said I try to fuck with other teenmegaworld men and it was a game to try to fuck. He was very interested, I said that if we leave the bar I could go to my house and see what happens. There reputation in women n I thought it would be exactly the right person to be tried. When we got home, we went to the room were my wife in front of the TV went to the kitchen to make coffee for us and give Roy some time alone with my wife Sylv. I left her alone for about 15 minutes and then took me for drinks in the lounge. in the room when it was all over Roy was Sylv, rolled up his pants and nothing else and had sucked her breasts, the tail and I was surprised by the size of it, must have been September teenmegaworld 10 'long, is quite small from me5-6 '. Roy tried to leave his catch, but was too nervous, so I told Roy teenmegaworld that we have here, who had gone with his as possible to that place. Sylv I said later, Roy slid his cock that has to suck. I thought the night was pretty good n when he denied having sex with another man before. A week later I was in the bar were talking about Roy and Roy Sylv said he was sure Sylv shit, I said it was not much effort needed to bring it to his cock seemed to enjoy sucking. decided to return to my home after leaving the bar and try again. When the gome Sylv room again, I went to the kitchen to make a drink together, Roy and Sylv. the left and came back 15 minutes later in the lounge. Sylv I got a shock on the floor and his legs in the air and open , and Roy was naked at first gave him a very good whore, Sylv looked at me and said, I'm back to this time in the kitchen. were caught with their damn I was so excited watching it, then I realized, if not Sylv the pill and how they were, as might be pregnant, so I said, I'm going to find a condom, I went upstairs and join you. Roy took Sylv and teenmegaworld put the condom on the penis, Roy put teenmegaworld his cock right back and started fucking again Sylv. returned to the kitchen, I turned to see what it was like every 20 minutes or less, he fucks her every way, way rabbits and Sylv Sylv and ended with his dick sucked. Sylv later said they enjoyed it and want to do so teenmegaworld before, said his cock was an advantage, which was teenmegaworld the largest they had seen. This was the beginning of the sessions of shit many with Roy and four others in the village. If there is enough interest I will post other stories are true.
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